Wild Berry Sand Burner w/Plate

Size: Small
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Small sand burner with wood plate, for sticks, cones and Shorties™. Sand included.

(2.5" diameter x 2.5" tall)

Customer Reviews

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Great burner!

I have the newer version of this burner, which is just a plain small mason jar, but I love it. My fiance and I are heavy smokers and live in an apartment, so I'm always using incense. Years ago, I used to get large 18 in incense sticks that would burn for 2-3 hours at the smoke shops. Unfortunately, the only burners they sold for them were large boat burners that took up TONS of space on the table. When I moved to my new state, I lost my large incense burner. I noticed that several stores in my new area sold the large incense sticks in a brand that I both LOVE and is super affordable, but none of them sold the burners! When I looked online and saw that this sand burner can work on the big sticks too, I knew I had to get it. I currently have a large stick of my favorite scent, Nag Champa, in it and it works great, although I suggest putting a paper towel underneath as it might not catch all ash. What I love the most is that it barely takes up any space on the table. Definitely recommend it if you like incense sticks but are short on space.

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