Top Shelf Incredible Edibles 500mg single Packs

Flavor: Berry Blast
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Introducing our dangerously delicious 500mg incredible Edibles in three mouthwatering flavors. Crafted with all natural ingredients and the highest quality hemp-derived Delta 8 & Delta 9 THC, they are the perfect balance of potency and flavor. Whether you are trying our edibles for the first time or seeking a more potent effect, we have you covered. Take your experience to the next level with incredible Edibles and you will understand where they get there name.

1 gummy per bag

Berry Blast

Strawberry Burst

Tropical Punch

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
This gets me where I want to be

I buy two for $7 and it lasts me about 3-4 days. Little bites of it here and there get me so baked and feeling great.

Anna Elizabeth Murray

Top Shelf Incredible Edibles 500mg single Packs

Mashika Burns

Top Shelf Incredible Edibles 500mg single Packs

Best Delta Gummy Ever

Don't waste your time anywhere else, this is the go-to Gummy for all occasions! You won't need any more user reviews than this. Oh Yeah - with a warning: Cut the square into 4 pieces, and only take 1/4 piece at a time if you feel frisking maybe half a piece but be sure to stay home and bubble wrap your walls.

Don’t take it Wayyy to strong

I did not like the feeling way too strong I was high for two days with a migraine headache if you don’t smoke really or just won’t a small mellow high this is not it nothing about the feeling gave me a natural high feeling

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