Special Blue Fury Torch

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If you're looking for a torch that will save you time while prepping for a dab sesh, the Special Blue Fury Torch has got you covered! The Special Blue Fury Torch is a cordless butane torch that features a dual flame to effectively heat your banger at quick speeds. This torch features a flame gauge and a safety lock so you can adjust the flame to your preferences and stash it away for ultimate safety. What makes the Special Blue Fury Torch so special is its ability to be comfortably held with its lightweight design as well as being able to hit any angle, despite how awkward it may be, to conveniently heat and light your banger (or dish if you're into culinary stuff!). The Special Blue Fury Torch is here to be your new go-to butane torch and will definitely become your dabbing sidekick for future seshs to come!

  • Enjoy convenient, effective dab sesh prep with this butane torch
  • Lightweight design for comfortable gripping and handling
  • Cordless, can reach any and all angles
  • Dual flame
  • Flame gauge to adjust the length and intensity of the flame
  • Safety lock
  • Automatic ignition
  • Best used with butane 

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