Grind X Herb Grinder 2-Piece 2.2-Inch

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GrindX™ Green herb grinder possess a gritty feel and appear daringly robust. They are incredibly efficient, and function with remarkable performance.

Introducing GrindX™ - the world’s first performance herb grinder engineered with Press-Lock Technology™! Simply press the grinder pieces together to lock-it and seal-it airtight - completely eliminating the need for magnets or threads! So, GrindX is compact, pocket friendly, safe, and worry-free - no spills or accidental openings if accidentally dropped!

Constructed with BPA-free high impact plastic, GrindX is virtually indestructible. And despite its durability, the easy-turn feature makes it a breeze to use, even with minor achy hands, joints, and muscle pain. The non-stick surface allows quick wipe-downs using alcohol wipes, or for a thorough clean, just put it in the dishwasher to regain its sheen.

With its 50 sharp Pyramid teeth, GrindX allows you to grind fresh, dense, and sticky herbs consistently and easily - keep turning to produce finer and fluffier herbs. Plus, it even comes with an airtight snap-lid storage jar - so you can take your grinder with you wherever you go. GrindX is backed by a lifetime warranty and proudly made in the USA!

What's included:
1 GrindX Performance Herb Grinder
1 GrindX Storage Jar

Diameter: 2.2-inches / 55.88 millimeters
Height: 0.90-inches / 22.86 millimeters
Weight: 1.35 oz./ 38.6 grams.
Capacity: 2 grams

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