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Strian: Atomic
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  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 100% Mitragyna Speciosa Leaves
  • All Natural
  • Sustainably grown and harvested in Indonesia
  • Packed in a GMP compliant facility in the USA
  • 1836 Kratom (formerly known as Quantum Kratom) is dedicated to providing the fitness and wellness community with premium quality, lab-tested kratom at a reasonable price. We are proud to be an American Kratom Association GMP Qualified Vendor. Our team, and many of our loved ones, are kratom consumers; so we demand safe products for ourselves, our families, and our customers. We take immense pride in playing a role in kratom advocacy, encouraging responsible and ethical regulation, sales, and consumption. Every lot of our kratom is 3rd party lab tested by accredited laboratories, in the United States, and goes through our proprietary heat-sterilization process to help ensure a safe product.

     A full spectrum Maeng Da, Atomic is believed to lean more toward the energy side of the spectrum. Many believe this strain to offer just the right amount of energy, combined with potential pain relief. This powerful strain may be chosen by those who want relief without sedation associated with the dark strains.

     A bold, dark red, cured in the sunshine but best served at night. This strain is believed by some to offer amazing pain relief and relaxation. Some prefer this strain to relax without the behavior and calories associated with alcohol. Many athletes love Texas Red at night for rest and recovery.

    The Greatest White Vein Ever! The Great White strain is preferred by those who desire exceptional focus and intensity. Many believe this strain to be ideal to pushing through a challenging project, gym session, or shift!

    Rise and Grind! Indonesian Sunrise is a powerful white blend is said to brighten your day like the sun that shines from the village of Nanga Banut, Indonesia all the way up to Austin, TX! Long lasting energy to power through your workout or check items off you todo list! Kick Ass. Take names. Love Life.

     A Super Charged Green Malaysian Maeng Da stye, Green Means Go is believed to deliver powerful energy and is favored by many hard workers and athletes alike! An amazing addition to your regimen, inspiring one more rep or one more mile.

    Super Gold A balanced blend intended for mellow cats. Sitting right in the middle of the spectrum, this potent variety is believed to be the ultimate "good mood" strain, said to provide relief without excessive sedation. Artists and creatives love the sense of flow associated with this golden blend!

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