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Kratom Crispy Blunts Hazelnut Chocolate Cream Crispy Phyllo Dough 2 Sticks 1.5 oz

 Crispy Blunts are crispy, creamy, and delicious sticks – an unexpected combination of tastes and textures infused with 100mg Kratom

Crispy Phyllo Dough filled with Hazelnut Chocolate Cream infused with 100mg Kratom

Each pack contains two Crispy Blunts each contains 50mg Kratom

Crispy Blunts ingredients are chosen according to our high standards of excellence in quality, freshness, and commitment to environmental sustainability.

Discover Crispy Blunts…the Crispy Sticks that’s beyond expectation.

crispy delicious yummy

Customer Reviews

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Almost too good

I have cancer and as part of my recovery after surgery and during chemo I found the STNR Kratom to help reduce pain and discomfort and also add a little energy boost. I normally take the gummies but recently tried the Crispy Blunts….should have called them a Pastry, Seriously they taste way to good. I follow a strict dosage regimen and these little guys make it very difficult staying on plan.

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